Chairman of HKPEAA

Eva Tsang, Chairman of HKPEAA

Tsang Sze Ki Eva, Hong Kong Creative Artist “Potential Expressionist Art”, Director of the Arts Project,  Art Development Advisories of the Ling Ngai Art Association. On a number of occasions, she assisted the media in planning and producing arts programmes, planning arts projects, art courses and acting as mentors for number of non-profit-making organizations, including the persons with intellectual disabilities. She has served as a teacher at the Young Artist Development Foundation – Master Serious workshop, Individual works are exhibited in a variety of media, including the 2017, 2018 and 2020 Ink Global Painting Exhibition, and the Art Next Expo 2019. The writing articles have been published in the press and online media.

Alias ~ Xhi Rui.


Neither a poet, nor a writer, poems has been enthusiastically composed for painting. Fusion of poem and painting lets viewers’ tour and house in the work of art.

With training in Chinese painting, ceramics, interior design, western art and Creative Industries Management (Arts and Culture), Eva Tsang is an artist who has integrated the essential elements of diverse art disciplines. She has researched and explored in depth the specific properties and capabilities of various art materials and tools. Based on these foundations, she creates unique mixed media artworks.

Eva has taught or coordinated art courses at a number of distinguished organizations, covering various art topics. She is teaching creative painting course at the Young Artists Development Foundation, with classes conducted at KHLC.

Learning interior and arts, their imitate relationship has been revealed. Ideas come naturally in the process of creating. Exploring the properties of various tools and media, artworks havdesign e been preceded with the love of combined materials and media.

Fascinated by the natural medium with natural color of bark and class lines, obsessed with the stem of each tree unique shape, to create a unique work of art.

Works of art “Potential Expressionism”, have been executed indulging in the process of destruction and construction. Following the flow of the visual representation, aura has been established. Combining the hidden memories with the images of personal beliefs, a historical-like recollection has been embodied in an aesthetic body. Watching closely, unique story has been told.